10 random thoughts about school

26 Jan

1. I’m really enjoying this semester so far.
2. I think it will be much better than last semester.
3. I don’t really like my two biology classes though (evolutionary biology and environmental studies), which is ironic, considering that’s what I’m majoring in.  I enjoy studying genetics and cellular/molecular biology much more.
4. But I do love both of my education classes.
5. I’ve discovered that I’m going to be at App for three years instead of two and a half because of student teaching, and because of two senior bio classes I have to take that have a billion prerequisites.
6. But I’m okay with that.  My last semester before student teaching I’ll only have to go part-time.
7. I’m really looking forward to being a teacher.
8. I find it kind of weird that the majority of people in my classes will be graduating in May.  I’m so young.
9.  I really wish I would have tried harder last semester.
10. Oh, and not so much school related, but I love RUF, my small group, and my church.  They’re amazing.


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