I Need Motivation

3 Nov

So I’ve been in college and living in Boone for almost 11 weeks now.  Naturally, every time I talk to someone from home their first question is, “How is school going??”  Well, here’s my honest answer: School isn’t going very well.

Here’s the thing: I love living in Boone (so far).  I love Appalachian.  But I don’t love my classes.  And it’s weird, because all of the classes I’m taking are my major classes (since I’m finished with everything else), so you’d think I’d enjoy them more, right?  That’s what I thought – but I’m discovering that’s not really the case.

I actually do enjoy the subjects of biology, chemistry and geology.  I’m just not enjoying these classes because I’m not doing too well in them (I think I have a ‘C’ in all three classes).  It’s just that my biology professor is extremely boring and doesn’t teach very well, my chem professor is extremely hard, and my geology professor gives crazy hard exams.  And I’m sure I could come up with more reasons why I don’t like the classes and why I’m not doing so well in them, but the truth is, of course, a lot of it is my fault.  There’s no doubt that I haven’t studied for my classes like I should have.  I’m really lacking motivation this semester.  And it sucks.  I’m just ready for this semester to be over with.

I really hope I get some motivation before next semester though, because if I don’t it’s going to kick my ass.  I’m well aware that taking two education classes, a psych, two bio (one’s senior level), and chem is not going to be easy.  I don’t expect it to be easy.  I know that college is not easy, so I’m not sure why I keep acting like this semester should be.  Granted, I do take into consideration the fact that any professor will tell you that bio is one of the hardest majors there is, and that taking three science classes (with labs) in one semester is difficult for anyone.  But still, that shouldn’t be an excuse for me to just try to get by with a ‘C’.

Soooo, pray for me.


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