21 Days and Counting

22 Apr

Wow.  So the past couple of weeks have been kind of stressful.  Okay, maybe a little more than “kind of.” 

I’ve had so much school work to do, it’s been crazy.  Just some of the major things I’ve been having to do are: writing a critical paper on the novel Ethan Frome for my American Literature II class, taking a calculus test on the hardest chapter we’ve covered in the whole course, and doing a project for calculus.  I’ve also had to put together my ICC Graduate Portfolio, which took a lot of time.  To graduate from Isothermal, every student has to put together a portfolio of work they’ve completed in their time there and show that they have mastered seven (I think) competencies.  So I have had to gather work from the past four years and write a ton of reflections on how I have grown in each area.  It’s been really cool getting to look back at college papers I wrote in 2006 (when I was 14 years old), and just looking through old notebooks and stuff.  It really is amazing how much I have learned in the past four years, even in subjects that most people don’t even get to study until they’re in their late teens/early twenties.

But, I’ve got all of that work aside now.  However, it was really stressful finding out yesterday that I made a 41 on my last calculus test and that my instructor wanted to have a conference with anyone who made below a 70.  I was really dreading this “conference” – not because I don’t like my instructor or I thought he was going to be really harsh with me or anything, but because I have never had to meet with a teacher for making a bad grade before (despite the fact that I have actually made worse than that before in previous college math classes).  But, I met with my instructor today, and all was well.  Didn’t get a long lecture or anything, just simply that I would easily pull off a ‘C’ in the class and that he wasn’t worried about me.  (Just for the record, in anything besides a math class, I would not settle for a ‘C’ just to pass.)

Anyways, I got my graduation invitations last week and my cap and gown a couple of days ago.  It was pretty cool trying on my cap and gown and stuff, and I’m going to start filling out the invitations and mailing them out soon, since graduation is three weeks from today.  Also, it’s been interesting the past couple of days seeing Facebook statuses of my classmates saying things like, “I’ve worked my a** off for 13 years for this one day, and now it is quickly approaching,” and things like that.  And it’s true, ya know?  And people who go to my school (myself included), have worked their asses off at least five times as hard as most high school students have to, to complete a two-year degree by the time they graduate high school.  But we all know it was worth it.  And most of us have loved it, and thrived in a college environment.  Two days ago my principal asked me to give a speech at our graduation, but for some reason she didn’t think I would want to.  I told her I would, and I am actually honored to do so.  I’m so proud of the students at Rutherford Early College High School and all that they have accomplished.

So now, I only have 10 school days left.  10 days.  Wow.  It’s kind of hard to believe.  But I guess for me what’s really hard to believe is that in more two years I will be graduating again.  But even though there’s only 10 school days left before I graduate, I will start a summer class on May 19th.  And then like two or three weeks after that class is over, I will be moving to Boone.  Things are happening pretty fast, man.  And I am cool with that.

I guess my comfort in all of this is knowing that God holds my future in His hands, as cliché as that sounds.  I really look forward to the Fall, and to the next couple of years.  I hope it will be a time of growth for me, not just intellectually, but more importantly to me, spiritually.  It’s pretty amazing thinking about all of the things God has done in my heart and in my life over the past four years (particularly the past year and a half), and I look forward to seeing what He will continue to do.  And for anyone reading this, I just ask that you pray for me, mainly for wisdom as I prepare to graduate and move in a few months.

Much love ❤


2 Responses to “21 Days and Counting”

  1. Cliff April 26, 2010 at 12:48 am #

    Only ten days of high school left — a big step in one’s life. We will be coming to your graduation and staying for a few days in May. Needless to say, Jenise and I are both very proud of you and what you have been able to accomplish with your dedication and hard work over the past four years.

    Talk to you soon,


  2. Ciera April 26, 2010 at 6:43 am #

    Thanks, bro. Glad you and Jenise are coming. See you in a couple of weeks.

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