We Live in a Rapidly Changing World

6 Mar

My sophomore year in high school every student at my school was given a laptop (Lenovo X61 tablet).  It was kind of a big deal, since there are no other schools in our area that provides a laptop to each student.  We had a lot of presentations about the laptops and a lot of really important people gave speeches and stuff (but I don’t remember who they were), and we were on the front page of the newspaper the next day, and on the news as well, I believe.  During one of the presentations they showed this video – it was pretty shocking and mind-blowing to everyone: 

I just discovered the newest version of that video, called Did You Know? 3.0.  Some of the statistics on this video are even more shocking than the first: 

Alex and Brett Harris describe pretty well how I feel about those two videos: “We live in a rapidly changing world. Fortunately, we trust in a good God who holds the future in His hands. From that position of strength we can discuss what it looks like to prepare for this new world our generation gets to live in.”


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