Reflecting on the Past Year and the Year to Come

1 Jan

Random thoughts about 2009:

→ I finished my last high school class in May of ’09.
→ I also got my full provisional license in May of ’09.
→ I went to the gym usually at least four days a week, every week.
→ I had an awesome vacation in Florida with TenBroeck, and enjoyed getting to spend time with my brother.
→ I got to know God on a level much, much, MUCH deeper than I EVER thought possible.
→ I truly fell in love with God, His Word and His Church over the past year.
→ It is amazing how much He has worked in my heart and in my life.
→ I thank God for the wonderful people He brought into my life in 2009.
→ December 7, 2009 made a year since I started attending Grace Foothills.

→ December 13, 2009 I got baptized, along with my best friend, at Grace Foothills.

Random thoughts about 2010:

→ I graduate high school in 19 weeks.
→ I turn 18 this year.
→ In May I will have completed two years of college.
→ I’m still undecided about what school I’m going to transfer to in August.
→ But I still have until May to decide.
→ I am going to miss my church terribly when I move.
→ And the people that go there – my youth leaders, friends, pastor, etc.
→ I hope school goes well in 2010, wherever I end up going.
→ I also hope I find an awesome church to go to.

2010 should be an interesting year for me, to say the least…

We’ll see how things go 😉


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