We Have Seen Both Sides

31 Dec

I read this quote earlier today:

“Something that the world simply cannot grasp is that we do have a vast understanding of this world — far richer and deeper than they can imagine.  Simply because we have seen both sides — we know evil and righteousness, darkness and light, good and bad.  They only know their one dark perspective — and they do not understand the light.  Thus, the gospel, its riches, and those who follow it are a ‘mystery’ to them.”

Tim Challies offers some thoughtful insight about the understanding and perspective of Christians and non-Christians:

I’ve known evil and now know good.  Through the Bible I am given God’s eyes to see evil as he sees it and to understand it as he understands it.  This gives me a whole new clarity.  But one who has never turned to Christ has known only evil.  [They] can see what is good but can understand it only through that lens of evil.  I know what it is to be lost in a way that [they] cannot know what it is to be saved.


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