Why should we evangelize if people are predestined?

31 Oct

In his book Religion Saves: And Nine Other Misconceptions, Mark Driscoll answers the question “Why should we evangelize if people are predestined?” I had actually wondered the same thing before myself. Here is his answer, in a nutshell: 

By believing that God elects people, we are relieved of the burden to manipulate and guilt people into becoming Christians and can work more honestly, lovingly, patiently, truthfully, compassionately, and sincerely. Thus, belief in predestination should not quench evangelistic zeal but rather fuel it. After all, no matter how dark people’s hearts might be, knowing that there are elect people and that God the Holy Spirit has chosen to work through the proclamation of the gospel, we can evangelize in hope, eagerly expecting that some will be saved, and not feel guilty when others reject Jesus.
(pg. 96-97)

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