25 Aug

So I just discovered this past weekend that the degree I want to get from UNCG (B.S. in biology with a human biology concentration) requires that you take Calculus I and II or Calc. I and Fundamental Concepts of Statistics. Had I known this earlier, I would have gone on to take Calc. I and II right after Precal, but instead I opted to take College Algebra, knowing it would be easier. So, now I am going to be taking Calc. I next Spring (as well as American Lit. II and Personal Health/Wellness), which I definitely had not planned on doing 😦 So next semester is going to be a little tougher than I have been thinking it was going to be. I’m still not sure about Calc. II though. If it is offered next Summer I may take it then. If not, I will probably just take Stats. at UNCG.

Oh, and I am not like a math genius (although I wish I were!). I’ve made C’s in my two previous math courses, so that’s all I’m really hoping for in these too. So although I have had a slight change of plans, I still think this will be a great year 🙂


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