Back to School

21 Aug

Wednesday was my first day back at school. It was actually the only day I had to go to school this week, so I had today and yesterday off. I’ve only started two of my four classes; the other two start Tuesday. I think this is going to be a really good semester… or I hope so anyway 🙂 Since I am only taking college classes I have even more flexibility with my schedule than I have in previous years (i.e. I get to come in late, only have to go an hour and a half on Thursdays, don’t have to go at all on Fridays). It’s pretty awesome 🙂

I am technically a senior this year, but I’m not really since I finished my last high school class last Spring. Also, after this semester I only have two courses left to take until I will be done with my sophomore year of college (which means that next year I will be transferring to a university as a junior).

I love my school 🙂


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