Fall Schedule

29 Jul

So I really haven’t had much to blog about lately. The past week or so has been pretty uneventful. I go to the gym every day, and that’s about it. Sometimes stop by the bookstore on my way home.

I did get my school schedule for Fall semester last week, though. I only have four classes, all college since I finished my last high school class in the Spring. I am taking General Biology I, Nutrition, Intro. to Chemistry and Social Problems (I also have a college planning class, but it doesn’t really count for anything).

My schedule is looking like this:

Mondays and Wednesdays
Seminar 9:25-10:35
Lunch 10:35-10:55
BIO 111 (General Biology I) and Lab 11:00-1:45
CHM 131 (Introduction to Chemistry) and Lab 2:00-4:45

BIO 155 (Nutrition) 8:00-10:45
SOC 220 (Social Problems) 11:00-11:50
Lunch 12:00-12:20
Seminar 12:25-2:00
College Planning 2:00-2:40

SOC 220 (Social Problems) online 11:30-1:00

Don’t have to go, but will probably go to Clubs 12:10-1:10

Seminar, by the way, is like a class you go to between your college classes. You can work on homework and stuff like that if you need to.

Also, my mom is making me get a job when I start back to school (or maybe before!). I don’t have a problem with getting one, by the way. I actually have wanted to get one since I turned sixteen last September, but it would have been nearly impossible for me to work and keep my grades up with all the classes I had at the time.


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